AT-502 Series (500W-10000W) Pantented Step Up & Down Voltage Converter

Unlike traditional Step Up and Step Down Voltage Converter, AT series voltage converter can automatically detect the input voltage, so manual selection is not needed any more. In the same time, it has dual output (110V220V),what you need to do is just to connect the load into the correct outlet, according to its input voltage range.  

**United States Invention Patent No. : US9, 225 259 B2

**China Invention Patent No.: ZL 2012 10015565.8

General Features

High efficiency toroidal transformer, less magnetic leakage, low noise and quiet operation.

Always dual output (110V and 220V), manual selection of input voltage is NO Need.

Soft start function, wall circuit breaker not trip off.

Short Circuit / Low Voltage / High Voltage Protection.

Optional surge protection (by MOV).

Optional transformer over temperature protection.

Technical Specifications

Technology Automatic Voltage Conversion
Invention Patent China Invention Patent No.: ZL 2012 10015565.8         United States Invention Patent No.: US9,225 259B2
Input Voltage
 110V/115V/120V  or  220V/230V/240V
Output Voltage
220V/230V/240V and  110V/115V/120V 
Efficiency >95%
LED Indicators
Green LED: power on        Red LED: protection(output cutoff) 
Over Voltage Protection Output cutoff + Red LED light on 
Under Voltage Protection
Output cutoff + Red LED light on 
Over Temperature Protection
 Output cutoff + Red LED light on 
Soft Start Yes
Short Circuit Protection Input cutoff by circuit breaker/air breaker 
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS2.0
Cooling Mode
Smart Cooling Fan
IP Level
Operating Temperature -5C ~ 40C
Storage Temperature -15C ~ 45C
Operating Humidity
10%-90%, non-condensing

Rated Power Output Sockets Product Size   (WxHxDmm) Product Weight (kgs) Giftbox Size (LxWxH mm) Carton Size (LxWxH mm) Qty/Carton(pcs)
AT-502-500W 500W 1xNEMA + 1xUniversal
2.5 297x205x190 430x312x405 4
AT-502-1000W 1000W 3.6
AT-502-1500W 1500W 2xNEMA +2xUniversal
5.3 344x196x196 405x355x410 4
AT-502-2000W 2000W 6.5