PSU-804 Series ( 500-1000VA) Sine Wave UPS with AVR Function, Long Term Backup Design

PSU Series pure sine wave UPS/Inverters are designed to backup all the home and office appliances. 

It's a 3 in 1 product - a combination ofpure sine wave inverter, high-current battery charger and AC automatic voltage stabilizer(AVR). With a powerful built-in battery charger, it can recharge a large battery (100AH to 200AH) in short time. The built-in AC automatic voltage stabilizer ensures that the output voltage keeping within 198-230V despite that input voltage is varing between 140-275V. So it's a best choice for where the mains power is often cut off due to load shedding, or the mains power voltage is unstable. 

Typical Applications:

  Home appliances:  fan, lighting, TV, DVD, refrigerator, etc

  IT and office:   PC, workstation, server, printer, photocopier, etc

  Heating system:  gas boiler, circulation pump, etc

 CCTV:  camera, DVR, etc

General Features

Transformer based high reliability circuit design,  combined with advanced SPWM technology

Pure sine wave output, suitable for all kinds of loads

LT (Long Time) technology, for 365 x 24 hours operation

Built-in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) at AC mode

Smart battery charger, up to 15A charging current

MCU modular design, easy for service

Complete protection for UPS and battery

Short transfer time <4ms, critical appliances not restart

Generator compatible

Smart battery capacity detector (optional)

3-stage charging current selector (optional)

Technical Specifications

Technology Transformer based SPWM technology + AVR
Transformer EI or Toroidal transformer
Input Voltage Range 220V/230 system :  40-275V /  120-275V
110V / 120V system:  80-140V
Input Frequency Range
Rated Output Voltage
220V / 230V  or  110V / 120V
Output Voltage Range AC mode (AVR mode):  10% ;        DC mode(Inverter mode): 5%  
Output Voltage Range at DC Mode AC mode: same as input frequency;       DC mode: 50/60Hz 0.1Hz
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Transfer Time
 AC mode: >97%;     DC mode: >80%
Overloading Capability  <110% for long time, 110%-120% for 30s, >120% for 3s, >150% for 1s
Digital Display  Input voltage, output voltage, output frequency
Icon / Symbol AC mode, DC mode, load rate, charging battery/battery capacity, overload, other errors
Protections  Overload, overheat, short circuit, battery over charge/discharge, battery reverse connection   
Battery Type Lead acid battery
Charging Scheme 3 stage
Charging Current
  15A max
Optional Functions
Smart battery capacity detector, 3-stage charging current selector(Low 3-5A, Medium 7-9A, High 13-15A),  RJ45/RJ11 port, RS232/USB communication port,  5VDC/1000mA USB charging port, permanent mute button for buzzer,  bypass switch
Cooling Mode
Smart Cooling Fan
Generator Compatible Yes
IP Level
Operating Temperature -5C ~ 40C
Storage Temperature -15C ~ 45C
Operating Humidity
10%-90%, non-condensing

PSU-804-500VA PSU-804-800VA PSU-804-1000VA
Rated Power 300W / 350W 500W 600W
Battery Voltage 12VDC 12VDC
Product Weight (kgs) 5.1 7.5 10.3
Product Size (WxHxD mm)
140x180x350 160x240x390 160x240x390
Giftbox Size (LxWxH mm) 370x182x205 415x198x250
Carton Size (LxWxH mm)
435x385x385 430x415x270
Qty / Carton(pcs) 4 2 2