IVR11 Series (10kVA-30kVA) Single Phase Industrial Servo Motor Voltage Stabilizer

IVR11 Series are designed for industrial class applications. It includes a series transformer and a buck/boost transformer, so it has a stronger loading capability. 

Typical Applications: 

♂   Multi-color printing machines 

♂   Air compressors 

♂   CNC machines 

♂   Punching machines 

♂   Laser cutting machines

♂   Welding machines

♂   Home appliances

General Features

Single phase compensation servo motor technology. 

Wide AC input voltage range.

Digital display for voltage and current. 

Isolated manual bypass switch. 

Full protections such as over voltage, under voltage, overload, overheat,etc. 

Selectable 6s/180s output delay. 

Optional surge/spike protection (replaceable SPD). 

Optional output isolation transformer.

Technical Specifications

Technology Servo motor compensation technology
Transformer 1 series transformer + 1 buck/boost transformer
Efficiency >90%
Delay Time 6s / 180s selectable
Input Voltage Range 160-260V / 100-260V
Input Frequency Range
Rated Output Voltage
220V / 230V
Output Precision
㊣3% / ㊣1% 
Response Time
<1s, against 10% variation of input voltage
Loading Ability
120% for 180s, 150% for 30s, 200% for 10s, 300% for 5s
Digital Display Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current
Over Voltage Output cutoff by contactor + Error code "H" + Buzzer beeping   
Under Voltage
Output cutoff by contactor + Error code "L" + Buzzer beeping
Over Temperature Output cutoff by contactor + Error code "C" + Buzzer beeping
Overload (Optional) Output cutoff by contactor + Error code "F" + Buzzer beeping
Short Circuit   Input cutoff by air breaker
Manual Bypass Yes, isolated bypass switch or interlocked bypass switch
Surge/Spike (Optional)  Replaceable SPD
Insulation Voltage
2,000V / 60s
Insulation Resistance
Creepage Distance
Grounding Resistance
Insulation Class of Coil
Class F (155⊥) 
Cooling Mode
Smart Cooling Fan
IP Level
Storage Temperature -15∼C ~ 45∼C
Operating Temperature -5∼C ~ 40∼C
Operating Humidity
10%-90%, non-condensing

Rated Power Product Size   (DxWxH mm) Product Weight (kgs) Packing Size (LxWxH mm) Gross Weight (kgs)
IVR-10K11 10kVA / 8kW 565 x 333 x 525 70 610 x 430 x 750 85
IVR-15K11 15kVA / 12kW 565 x 333 x 525
78 610 x 430 x 750
IVR-20K11 20kVA / 16kW 565 x 333 x 525
100 610 x 430 x 750
IVR-30K11 30kVA / 24kW 575 x 333 x 645 108 660 x 430 x 850 128