SG-607 CoolDoctor Voltage Protector for Air-Conditioner

oltage Protector is also called as Power Guard, Safeguard or Automatic Voltage Switcher, which is designed to protect all the voltage sensitive appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. It can automatically disconnect the mains power once the voltage is out of the normal range, preventing the appliances being damaged due to over voltage or under voltage. Once the mains voltage backs to normal range, it will automatically reconnect the mains power.

General Features

Real-time power consumption monitoring and display  

Real-time room temperature monitoring and display 

Automatic over voltage cutoff and reconnect 

Automatic under voltage cutoff and reconnect 

Built-in 180s delay time, enough time for pressure of refrigerating fluid to balance

Technical Specifications

Rated Current 16A 13A
Inlet South Africa SABS 164-1 British BS1363
Outlet South Africa SABS 164-1
British BS1363
Application A/C up to 1.5 ton or 18,000 Btu
Under Voltage Cutoff 175V
Under Voltage Reconnect 185V
Over Voltage Cutoff
Over Voltage Reconnect
Delay Time 180s
2-digit Numeric Display Real-time room temperature
4-digit Numeric Display
Real-time power consumption, in "XXXX" watts
Input voltage, in "Uxxx"
Delay time coutdown, in "dxxx"
Under voltage cutoff, show icon "L"
Over voltage cutoff, show icon "H"
Product Weight (kgs) 0.7 0.8
Product Size (WxHxD mm) 115x180x60
Innder Box Size (LxWxH mm) 190x175x75
Carton Size (LxWxH mm)
Qty / Carton (pcs) 12