The "CoolDoctor" - Smart AC Socket for Air Conditioner

                                Patented in China, European Union, United States, Japan, Australia,  Africa Union and Ghana



You want much cooler but the real room temperature is not matching the remote controller?  The reasons may be:


  +  Your air conditioner is not big enough for your big room

  +  Low utility voltage that leads to the compressor is stopping

  +  Outside temperature is too high, so that there is no efficient exchange

  +  Copper pipe is too long

  +  Compressor is aged / damaged

  +  Dust on the heat exchanger

  +  Lack of refrigerant


The "CoolDoctor" is presented by Staba in a socket form, showing 

  +  real time power consumption

  +  real room temperature

  +  health status of air conditioner




Using a "CoolDoctor", save your bill and make you comfortable!