VoltGenerator - Automatic Variac
BC Series (High Current Lead Acid Battery Charger)

The VoltFisher can automatically record the voltage fluctuation of your city or area every second between 80-280V. After getting this raw data, import it to the affiliated software, then the voltage flucuation chart will be automatically displayed. With these raw material and the chart, you can easily make correct descision of:


1. AC Input Voltage of appliances (especially for the voltage stabilizers and UPS).

2. Battery Size for different backup time for the UPS.



It's the right time to throw away the manual variable regualtor!


+ Automatic generation of voltage, no more manual regulation

+ Programmable fixed output voltage 0-300V

+ Programmable fluctuated output voltage 0-300V with 10 speed selectable

+ Separate voltage jump mode

+ Separate switching on/off mode

+ Multi-channel automatic test and judgement

+ RS232/RS485/USB optional

 +  Two LEDs to indicate the status: charging and full.
 +  Light weighted and compact size, easy for carry.
 + Universal input voltage 100-265V.
 +  Smart cooling fan, automatically sarts at 60℃.
 +  Also work as a DC Regulated Power Supply.
 +  Advanced protection functions 


BC Series battery charger is specifically designed to recharge the large capacity lead acid battery or battery pack. The charging current can be high up to 20A, so it's easy to recharge the battery to full level in short time.