• Founded in 2010, Staba Electric is now an accrediated national Hi-Tech enterprise, a leading brand of Voltage Stabilizers, Inverters, UPS and Emergency Luminaires in the world.


    We own the following facilities

      - 15,000 sqm working space

      - more than 400 employees

      - 4 assembly lines

      - 1 PCB workshop

      - 1 tooling workshop

      - 1 metal case workshop

      - 1 affiliated factory of transformers

      - 1 affiliated factory of electromagnetic induction contactless stabilizers

      - 1 affiliated factory of wall sockets and switches 


    We understand the truth of Branding

    All Staba products are designed to comfort your state of mind. So we study every details of user's environment, we search for right materials, we stimulate how people use such kind of devices, then we curve it out of careness. 


    Strong Vertical Integration

    For better quality control and faster respond time, we develop and make important components in house: cabinets, PCBA, transformers, sockets, etc. All our staffs work around our ERP and CRM systems, supplying more than 100 customers from 50 countries over 100,000pcs of Stabilizers and UPS/Inverters every month.


    Outstanding R&D Capability

    Our R&D Capability is proved to be outstanding. We do PCB Layout, MCU Software Design, Mechanical Design and Industrial Design. We can provide a prototype within 3 weeks. Holding more than 40 patents in different countries including the United States, we refresh people's idea about clean power every day.


    Join us right now, we turn your idea into a reality!